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The Search for Unlimited Productivity

By Doug Meil

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 64 No. 6, Pages 10-11

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https://bit.ly/3vRxVPB March 23, 2021

I am old enough to have lived through multiple technical cycles. When I started professionally, CASE tools were the rage, and OS/2 was still a thing. I even worked on a mainframe for a bit. Then came client-server development (as popularized by Windows applications, as strictly speaking the 'client-server' pattern was not new). Then Java, the first-generation Web applications with application servers and a myriad of Model View Controller frameworks. Then second-generation Web development with more responsive JavaScript-based Web applications that replicated many of the things that people liked about thick-client applications, and then some. Then big data broke on the scene, and then cloud architectures.


Chen Jia

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