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What Must All Post-Secondary Students Learn about Computing?

By Valerie Barr

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 65 No. 11, Pages 29-31

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There are two key elements in computer science (CS) education today that should be of interest to everyone in the field, especially given that the future of the technology sector rests with the CS students of today:

  • It is vitally important that we continue to broaden who becomes a computer scientist and make the CS educational experience better than it often is for students who hold identities that are historically marginalized in computing.
  • All students live in this technological world and must be equipped to question and push back against the biases inherent in the tech industry, both as a work place and in terms of the impact of tech products. Therefore all students, not only CS majors, must have foundational CS knowledge. This includes addressing computing's history of exploitation and refusal to take responsibility for negative social implications, empowering students to evaluate both the uses and misuses of technology.


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