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Eerie Female Robot Learns to 'sing' By Copying Human Singer

By Daily Mail

October 14, 2010

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Lady Gaga will not be losing any sleep. But the eerie humanoid robot known as HRP-4 has been taught to sing just like a real pop star.

The life-sized robot has a realistic face and movable features that are able to mimic the expressions of a human singer. She is now able to 'sing' using a synthesized voice technology that sounds and breathes like a human too. Researchers used a real singer as a model, recording her every move as she sang a typical Japanese pop song.

Masataka Goto, from Japan's Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, says the robot uses new VocalListener software, which synthesizes a singing voice. "Also, for the robot's facial expressions, we've developed another new technology, called Vocawatcher. This analyzes a video of a person singing, to create expressions naturally," Goto says.

View a video of the HRP-4 humanoid robot singing.

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