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China's Supercomputers to Sharpen Competitive Edge

By Xinhua News

November 8, 2010

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As a China-made supercomputer beat existing U.S. champion Jaguar in its calculation speed lately, Chinese high performance computer manufacturers are inspired to sharpen their competitive edge and eye a broader international market.

The Dawning Information Industry Co., a Chinese supercomputer manufacturer, has achieved a market share of 34 percent in China, surpassing IBM's 28 percent and HP's 19 percent for two consecutive years, according to the 2010 China Top 100 List of High Performance Computers, recently released by the Specialty Association of Mathematical & Scientific Software, under the China Semiconductor Industry Association.

Nie Hua, vice president of Dawning, told Xinhua Monday (Nov. 8), "The list shows our domestic market has gradually accepted our homemade brands of high performance computers. Also, our high performance computers now have a competitive edge over the internationally renowned brands."

From Xinhua News
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