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The 24-Hour Athenian Democracy

By The Economist

December 10, 2010

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"I'm aware of your need to stay anonymous, but I have to be able to describe the scope of this movement. Can any of you tell me where you're typing from?"

I am talking to members of a group called "Anonymous," using a Web-based collaborative text-editing service. It is the first such interview for all of us, and their answers begin to collide on the page. One member comes from Norway; another shows surprise, then offers that she is from New Zealand. Another writes that group members come from Nepal and Eastern Russia. They all speak through pseudonyms, but I don't even know which psuedonym comes from what country because shortly after I read these answers, someone who calls himself "Tux" erases them all and writes

"We are Everywhere. We are everyone. We are Anonymous."

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