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'radical Redesign' ­rged For Future Computers

By PC World

January 31, 2011

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University of Maryland professor Uzi Vishkin believes that computer architecture needs to be redesigned in order to effectively use multicore processors. "The recent dramatic shift from single-processor computer systems to many-processor parallel ones requires reinventing much of computer science to build and program the new systems," Vishkin says. He says the current computer architecture is limited because it only allows one instruction to be completed at a time.

Vishkin's new architecture, known as Immediate Concurrent Execution (ICE), would use parallel computing to execute an indefinite number of instructions at any given time. He says that ICE enables developers to "dream up any number of instructions as long as the input for one is not the output for the another."

The ICE architecture would require new hardware designs, including chips with a high-bandwidth, a low-latency network between the processors and memory, and a single processor core that could control all the other cores.

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