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Data Optimization in Developing Nations

By Leah Hoffmann

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 54 No. 5, Pages 18-20

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning could expand access to health care, improve the quality of education, and respond effectively to natural disasters in the developing world.

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Hi, i think the writer of this article made an honest mistake. Regarding the research on traffic accidents in Etiopia, the article claims a Projective Adaptive Resonance Theory Algorithm (PART) was used. Actually, the authors say in their paper that the mining algorithm used was actually a PART decision list algoritm. Accordign to Weka's definition, PART "Builds a partial C4.5 decision tree in each iteration", so is a decision-tree based technique, not a neural-network (Adaptive Resonance Theory - ART) approach.
William Caicedo T.

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