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Linux Foundation Chief Talks About Torvalds' Leadership, Html5 and Mobile's Future

By Network World

September 13, 2011

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Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin says in an interview that the desktop platform's relevance is diminishing as technologies such as smartphones, connected TVs, and in-vehicle infotainment grow.

Unlike other computing platforms, such as Microsoft and Unix, Linux has self-forming communities that grow organically, so it will never be boxed in to one platform, according to Zemlin.

He also expects HTML5 to be a big part of the future due to the resurgence of client/server apps. "I never would have predicted the Apple phenomena of C applications running on all sorts of devices," Zemlin says. "As HTML becomes more functional, as more tools become available for HTML5, I think you'll see more apps, particularly enterprise apps that people will be using on an Android or iPhone."

HTML5 also can help IT operations because it can assist with client/server and application deployment. Zemlin also says that it is in companies' best interest to contribute to open source software because it is so difficult to develop and maintain.

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