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Making Sense of the 'semantic Web'


December 22, 2008

The semantic Web could enable more interactive and accurate searches and is considered a crucial component of emerging Web 3.0 technology. Researchers are exploring ways of implementing the technology to improve contextual searching. For example, German researchers have developed an experimental kiosk that enables users to sync their iPhones, which are largely semantic in how they mark MP3 and other files with information that can be read by computers. The kiosk can automatically generate a list of songs arranged by artist, title, or genre based on the information in the iPhone.

"Complex operations should be hidden," says Simon Bergweiler, who developed the kiosk with Matthieu Deru at the Advanced Tangible Interface Lab, part of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. The researchers plan to launch a Web site version of the kiosk that will enable users to drag icons of artists and videos to automatically search for related content. The researchers also plan to develop interactive kiosks for German libraries that will enable users to initiate searches that involve context. The goal is to create a system that can be used for quick and precise interaction with any rich semantic content. The researchers say that semantic kiosks also could be used by mechanics, for example, who could hold mechanical parts with RFID tags next to the semantic device to instantly receive technical data on the part.

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