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Computers Write the Books, to Insead Prof's Credit

By PhysOrg.com

December 19, 2012

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INSEAD professor Philip M. Parker has patented a system that algorithmically compiles data into book form. Parker designed the algorithms to mimic the thought process of an expert while writing on a topic. The system makes use of databases of information, an interface to customize a query about a topic, and templates for information to be packaged.

"Meta material, marketing material, and control material are automatically authored and if desired, distributed to a recipient," says the abstract for the U.S. patent issued to Parker. "Further, the title may be authored on demand, such that it may be in any desired language and with the latest version and content."

Amazon lists more than 100,000 books attributed to Parker and more than 700,000 works attributed to his company, ICON Group International, and the subjects range from rare diseases to crossword puzzles and learning foreign languages. The system can compile an entire book in about 20 minutes to a few hours, depending on the subject. Parker believes the automated software concept could be used in other media formats.

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