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Good, Better, Best Practices in Terminology

By University of Vienna

May 17, 2013

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The Legal Language Interoperability Services (LISE) project, funded by the European Union, focuses on improving terminological databases, with an emphasis on legal and administrative terminology.

The project brings together translation scholars and terminologists from the University of Vienna, the Austrian Parliamentary Administration, the European Academy of Bolzano, ESTeam, and CrossLang. LISE is slated to run through July 2013, at which point the tools and methods developed will be put into practice, and the EU institutions will improve their databases using the project's results.

"One person alone cannot maintain a database with more than 1,000 entries," says LISE project vice-coordinator Tanja Wissik. "We concentrate on improving the management and quality of terminological databases containing more than 1,000 entries."

The research team developed special tools to combat the errors that commonly plague such databases. The Cleanup tool locates errors, duplicate entries, and terms attributed to the wrong language, while the Fillup tool adds new terms to the database and is particularly helpful with smaller languages, such as Maltese.

"The goal is to facilitate the inclusion of all official languages, including those of accession countries," Wissik says. "Especially in the legal domain, the correct terminology is crucial when translating documents."

From University of Vienna
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