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Studies at the ­ji Advance in Recognizing People By the Way They Walk

By Jaume I ­niversity (Spain)

July 31, 2013

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Jaume I University researchers are developing a biometric security technique that is based on the way people walk and their silhouette.

The researchers note that their technique offers significant advantages since recognition can be done remotely and does not require the cooperation of the subject. "Although it is easy to manipulate and consciously change, each person walks in a different way," says Jaume I University's Ramon Mollineda.

The researchers used a video of a subject walking to create a system that distinguishes a background silhouette. The background image becomes a sequence of silhouettes, placed one upon the other, resulting in a summary image. The final representation stores all of the subject's physical appearance and walking movements, which creates a unique mark for each subject.

Mollineda notes their technique would be much more effective if it is combined with facial recognition. "They are complementary methods: the way you walk can be detected from a distance and does not require a high-resolution image, while face recognition is performed close-up and with a high-resolution image," he says.

From Jaume I University (Spain)
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