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Breakthrough in Molecular Electronics Paves the Way For Dna-Based Computer Circuits in the Future

By Hebrew ­niversity of Jerusalem

October 30, 2014

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers say they have achieved reproducible and quantitative measurements of electricity flow through long molecules made of four DNA strands. They say the breakthrough could lead to the development of DNA-based electrical circuits and could re-ignite interest in the use of DNA-based wires and devices in the development of programmable circuits.

The molecules were produced by Tel Aviv University researchers and the measurements were performed by Hebrew University researchers, with collaboration from groups in Denmark, Spain, the United States, Italy, and Cyprus.

"This research paves the way for implementing DNA-based programmable circuits for molecular electronics, which could lead to a new generation of computer circuits that can be more sophisticated, cheaper, and simpler to make," says Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor Danny Porath.

From Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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