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New Programming Language For Fast Simulations


January 28, 2015

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SINTEF researchers have developed a new language for faster programming and simulations. The researchers say the language is similar to the language of mathematics in that it enables them to subdivide the work process in such a way that reduces the time it takes to develop a simulator.

Although the new language has many potential applications, the researchers are focusing on the way in which oil flows within its natural reservoir, and the way flood waves spread across a landscape. The source codes are used to develop simulation tools that can predict what happens to the oil in the reservoir and where the greatest volumes of floodwater occur.

The innovation the researchers want to introduce is the use of a domain-specific language, which is a precise language that focuses on a closely-defined area of application. A domain-specific language will enable them to develop new simulation programs while guaranteeing the code is correct.

"Our new programming language is easy to use, it takes less time to write programs, and the sources of error have been removed," says SINTEF researcher Andre Brodtkorb.

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