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Asu Professor Develops Artificial Intelligence Tools For Environmental Research

By ASĀ­ News

June 30, 2015

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New artificial intelligence tools developed by researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) could tell scientists and environmental planners everything they want to know about terrain.

ASU professor Wenwen Li and colleagues are developing a methodology for automatically identifying terrain features and their characteristics. They are working to combine new machine-learning tools with new data sources to automatically detect, monitor, and qualitatively describe changes of terrain features over time.

The team is developing machine-learning tools that would regenerate terrain features, and a key source of data would be imagery gathered by satellites. The researchers will apply deep learning to enable the tools to mimic how the human brain works.

The researchers say the tools could be used to automatically determine changes in slope, elevation, and shape of the terrain after a landslide. "If we can solve even some of the problems involved, this will be a major step towards being able to create a digital version of Earth and its changing environment for future generations," Li says.

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