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Connecting Artificial Intelligence With the Internet of Things

By The Guardian

July 27, 2015

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Oblong Industries CEO John Underkoffler does not believe a connection between the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) will become a threat to mankind, provided basic questions are answered prior to considering imposing constraints on AI capabilities.

He notes the IoT will require an entirely new user interface, and asks "how do we talk to all these objects in a coherent way? That's a really great design problem." Following that, Underkoffler says "a minimal Bill of Rights" should, at the very least, be attached to the IoT.

Underkoffler and colleagues believe excessive worry about AI going out of control and commandeering the IoT to inflict harm is causing people to ask the wrong questions. For example, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Sanjay Sharma warns a more insidious threat than a super-intelligent AI is the potential for "AI stupidity," in which "we will build artificial intelligence systems that are too smart by half, where they do something really dumb--for example, a cascading series of events that results in a power shutdown."

Sharma also thinks the hacking of a flawed IoT system to cause widescale damage is inevitable, given that "we don't have a clear architectural understanding of what the IoT is."

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