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Companies Proactively Seek Out Internal Threats

By Esther Shein

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 58 No. 11, Pages 15-17

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Although he is not certain, Kevin Stecko, founder of 80sTees.com, believes a former employee hacked into his e-commerce system in 2013. With the benefit of hindsight, Stecko's takeaway is, "understand that no matter how small you think you are, there's a good chance you are being targeted by hackers on a regular basis. They are probing for any weakness in your systems, practices, or people."

While organizations increasingly are the victims of external hackers, many are finally realizing an uncomfortable truth: insider threats are and have long been a very real problem. Consequently, even as they are taking measures to protect their networks from external threats, there is a growing trend for companies to scrutinize their own employees more closely and take proactive measures to detect internal breaches.


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