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Ibm's Systemml Moves Forward as Apache Incubator Project

By eWeek

December 1, 2015

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IBM has announced the Apache Software Foundation's acceptance of its SystemML machine-learning algorithm translator as an Apache Incubator open source project.

"For the first time we're bringing to this vast community a way to automate the process of analytics," says IBM Analytics' Rob Thomas. "Analytics is very manual in organizations today. And with SystemML it becomes something that can be automated and run at scale."

Thomas also says SystemML's availability as an open source technology to inexperienced developers will help scale learning and broad development of applications that sense, learn, reason, and engage with people in new ways.

Apache SystemML can dynamically compile and optimize machine-learning algorithms in settings data scientists are comfortable with, and automatically port them to production environments. In this way, SystemML empowers data scientists in organizations that do not need to be familiar with a specific tool; instead, they only require knowledge of a common programming language.

"SystemML not only scales for big data analytics with high-performance optimizer technology, but also empowers users to write customized machine-learning algorithms using simple domain-specific language without learning complicated distributed programming," says Apache Spark committer D.B. Tsai.

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