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Improved Tools For Structured Matrix Computations

By ­mea ­niversity (Sweden)

December 10, 2015

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Designing and analyzing a model of a mechanical system is often a complex problem requiring high-quality mathematical theories and computational tools. Small changes in input data can have a large impact on the computed system characteristics, which makes designing and analyzing them difficult.

These types of problems can be examined using stratification theory for structured matrix pencils; this theory enables a matrix to be viewed as a large table of numbers. A matrix pencil consists of a pair of matrices and relates to the generalized eigenvalue problem.

Umea University researcher Andrii Dmytryshyn has constructed stratification graphs to provide information for a deeper understanding of how the characteristics of an underlying physical system can change under small perturbations. The program also can identify more degenerate and more generic examples of a specific system, which can lead to a better understanding of how different types of control systems can be improved.

From Umea University (Sweden)
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