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Bjarne Stroustrup Previews C++ 17

By InfoWorld

March 17, 2016

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In an interview, C++ programming language creator Bjarne Stroustrup details its next planned iteration, C++ 17, an upgrade slated for 2017 as the language expands into mobile development.

He notes the upgrade will have new features such as a file system library and parallel algorithms, but although they should ease certain tasks for many people, the changes themselves are not major. "The major features are appearing as [Technical Specifications]," Stroustrup says. "For example: concepts, networking, more concurrency stuff, ranges [Standard Template Library 2], modules, co-routines."

Stroustrup anticipates the parallel algorithms having the most significant impact on developers, from his perspective.

He notes since the rollout of the Standard Template Library in the early 1990s, the use of functional coding methods in C++ has steadily and warily increased.

"Constexpr lambdas is simply an extension of the set of features that can be used at compile time, rather than something specifically functional," Stroustrup says. "You can now also have loops in constexpr functions, and through that in constant expressions."

Stroustrup also notes concepts, modules, and co-routines will be held back for a future upgrade.

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