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Google's Eric Schmidt Says AI Will Make Him Smarter, Cooler

By IEEE Spectrum

June 2, 2016

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Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt says the next major trend in the technology industry will be artificial intelligence (AI).

He anticipates new machine-learning tools will help businesses and individuals solve a wide range of problems by finding patterns in vast amounts of data.

"But our ultimate goal is actually AI-assisted science," which Schmidt says can help advance "disease diagnosis, climate modeling, drug discovery, macroeconomics, particle physics, material sciences, theorem proving, and protein folding."

Schmidt notes he has developed three rules about AI that should help alleviate some of the concerns surrounding the burgeoning technology.

First, he says AI should benefit the many, not the few, and it should be available to everybody, not just rich countries or individuals.

"The second is that the research in this area, which is heating up...should be done in the open," Schmidt says.

Finally, he says AI systems should be under positive control, meaning they must be completely understood so they can be controlled.

Schmidt says Alphabet already is using AI to power services such as Google Translate and Google Photos. He also notes the AlphaGo AI's recent victory in a Go tournament represents the beginning of intuition, "and there's evidence that we can now apply this to many, many problems, but definitely science."

From IEEE Spectrum
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