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Legal Advice on the Smartphone

By Keith Kirkpatrick

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 59 No. 7, Pages 19-21

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Successfully challenging a summons or ticket can be challenging and time-consuming. Laypeople must understand the violation that has occurred, determine the type of defense that is legally acceptable, and learn the type of documentation most often used successfully to win a dismissal or reduction of that violation in that specific jurisdiction. For the average person, the time and effort to acquire such arcane knowledge often outweighs the desire to fight the ticket.

Not surprisingly, applications designed to help access and navigate through the legal system are quickly gaining favor among the public. From apps that help you fight parking and traffic tickets to apps that report violations, mobile technology apps are stepping in to serve as an on-the-go legal assistant. The use of a combination of algorithms, technology, and specialized industry experience offer a more-efficient experience dealing with, and within, the legal system.


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