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New Lever Language Builds on Python's Convenience, Aims For Pypy Speeds

By InfoWorld

August 24, 2016

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Lever, a new open source programming language now in its 0.8.0 release, aims to be a general-purpose programming language similar to Python with the ability to compile easily to standalone executables and with grammar and syntax that can be freely customized.

The language's long-term goal is to rival even the Python JITing compiler PyPy for speed.

Lever uses much of the same syntax as Python, including indented code blocks and # symbols to delineate comments. In addition, Lever implements Python-like features such as dynamic typing, interfaces to C code, and module imports.

However, Level also differs from Python in many significant ways. Lever programs come with a built-in event loop that makes it easier for developers to write apps that make use of concurrency, while also enabling users to supply their own grammar and syntax rules or to customize the existing ones.

Going forward, Lever has the potential to replicate and repurpose some of Python's translation framework. Lever also could start using WebAssembly, a project that enables in-browser code to run at native-code speeds, as a compilation target.

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