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3 New Programming Languages: What Their Creators Say

By InfoWorld

September 6, 2016

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The creators of three new open source languages say they fulfill unique needs, with Coconut developer Evan Hubinger saying the language is designed to infuse functional programming within the Python language.

"I think the functional paradigm provides a much more natural way to think about problems and yields much more elegant, concise, and readable code as a result," he says.

Ary Borensweig, chief developer of Crystal, says "Crystal mixes some features present in other languages in a way that no other language does." He notes Crystal boasts static type-checking without specifying the kinds of method arguments or local variables, which facilitates faster prototyping and less wordy and more generic code. Borensweig also says Crystal can support automatic memory management and native compilation without a virtual machine.

Meanwhile, Oden developer Oskar Wickstrom says Oden is designed to fill capability gaps in Google's Go language, including generics and abstracting control flow, error-handling, and nil-checking. "Another main objective is to provide easy interoperability with Go, letting early adopters use their standard Go libraries without having to write bindings," Wickstrom says.

Evolving use cases for Coconut, Crystal, and Oden include Python applications, Web services, and Go tasks, respectively, according to the languages' developers.

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