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Scientists Develop a Novel Algorithm Inspired By Bee Colonies to Help Dismantling Criminal Social Networks

By ­niversity of Granada (Spain)

April 19, 2017

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Researchers at the University of Granada (UGR) in Spain have developed an algorithm, inspired by bee colony behavior, which is designed to counter both physical and virtual threats to social networks.

The software automatically detects and recognizes the most dangerous actors or network nodes and the density of the interlinked relationships between them.

The UGR team notes the interrelationships between individuals in a colony supports collective behavior enabling them to efficiently respond to challenges, which they seek to apply to artificial intelligence.

The researchers simulated bee colony behavior using in silico "bees" mimicking the data exchange and communication processes they share.

"In order to find the most effective way of dismantling a network, it is necessary to develop and put into action an optimization process that analyzes a multitude of situations and selects the best option in the shortest time possible," says UGR's Humberto Trujillo Mendoza.

From University of Granada (Spain)
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