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Meet ­rduscript, the First ­rdu-Based Programming Language

By TechJuice

July 26, 2017

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Pakistani computer scientist Asad Memon has developed UrduScript, a new programing language that makes it easier for beginners to learn programming concepts such as variables, for loop, if else, recursion, while loop, functions, and lists.

Memon says code that is written in UrduScript, which is essentially JavaScript with some alterations that are based on the Pakistani language of Urdish, will first be transformed into JavaScript and then display the result to the user, a process known as transpiling.

Transpiling makes it easier for programmers to create code because it enables them to work in a language with which they are familiar, before changing it into JavaScript.

"The main idea behind it is to facilitate young kids or people who are new to programming," Memon says.

He also notes he chose Urdish over the Persian-like Urdu because a right-to-left coding style based on Urdu would have been very difficult to read.

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