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Major Leap Towards Storing Data at the Molecular Level

By ­niversity of Manchester

August 25, 2017

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Researchers at the University of Manchester have proved that storing data in single-molecule magnets is more feasible than previously thought. Their research shows magnetic hysteresis, a memory effect that is required for data storage, is possible in individual molecules at -213 degrees Celsius, which is extremely close to the temperature of liquid nitrogen. The result means data storage within single molecules could become a reality because the data servers could be cooled using liquid nitrogen, which is much less expensive than commonly used liquid helium.

The team thinks future molecular technologies could store more than 200 terabits of data per square inch. "Using single molecules for data storage could theoretically give 100 times higher data density than current technologies," says Manchester's Nicholas Chilton.

In addition, Chilton says the research could lead to much smaller hard drives that require less energy, so data centers could become significantly more energy efficient.

From University of Manchester
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