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High-Speed Quantum Memory For Photons

By University of Basel

September 13, 2017

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Researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland have developed a memory technology that can store photons in a rubidium atomic vapor and read them out again later without significantly altering their quantum mechanical properties.

The researchers say this new memory technology is simple and fast and could be used in a future quantum Internet.

A laser controls the storage and retrieval processes, and the system does not require cooling devices or complicated vacuum equipment, which enables it to be implemented in a highly compact setup.

In addition, the researchers say they were able to verify the memory has an extremely low noise level and is suitable for single photons.

"The combination of a simple setup, high bandwidth, and low noise level is very promising for future application in quantum networks," says Basel researcher Janik Wolters.

The development of such networks is a goal of the National Center of Competence in Quantum Science and Technology.

From University of Basel
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