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Sebastian Thrun Talks Flying Cars, Automated Teaching, and an AI Arms Race With China

By Quartz

October 2, 2017

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In an interview, Google moonshot lab X co-founder Sebastian Thrun says flying cars are ready to be built, given advances in unmanned drone technology.

Current-generation drones' use of autonomous software to perform the most difficult flight tasks "gives the user the easy part," Thrun notes.

For flying cars to move forward, Thrun says knowing how to interface with the ground and different structures will be essential, since power lines, foliage, airstreams, noise regulations, failure modes, and many other factors are in play.

Thrun also envisions artificial intelligence becoming more deeply incorporated into education, including grading.

"My general hypothesis is that almost any generally repetitive task, if you have enough data, an AI that looks over your shoulder can take over more and more of it," he says.

With China making gains in AI, Thrun recommends the U.S. hold to its present course of sustaining its global leadership and doubling down on AI investment.

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