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Touch-Sensitive Avatar-Robotic Arm Based on Real-Time Haptics

By Keio ­niversity (Japan)

November 8, 2017

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Researchers at Keio University in Japan say they have developed a "real-time-avatar-robotic arm" that transmits sound, vision, and tactile sensations to remotely located users.

"This 'real haptics' is an integral part of the Internet of Actions technology, having applications in manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, and nursing care," says Keio's Takahiro Nozaki.

He says the robotic arm is the world's first high-precision tactile-force transmission technology that remembers human movements, edits them, and reproduces them.

In addition, the researchers note the robotic arm does not use conventional touch sensors, making it more affordable, compact, and robust in terms of malfunction and noise.

The system uses high-precision motors integrated in the avatar arm and algorithms to drive them.

The researchers say they plan to improve the system's ability to recognize the shape, material composition, and position of an object, and manipulate it according to real-time instructions from a user located at a distance, where the arm acts as a real-time avatar.

From Keio University (Japan)
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