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Russian Experts Submit 'impenetrable' Smartphone Protection System

By National Research Nuclear ­niversity

January 29, 2018

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Researchers at the National Research Nuclear University in Russia have developed a system of continuous authentication of mobile device users based on behavioral biometrics.

They say their method is more effective than passwords or fingerprints because it relies on continuous protection from outside interference without any additional user action.

Behavioral biometric methods monitor a user's habitual parameters while handling a device, thereby determining who is using it. Every person has a unique style of handling a device, and the system is based on identifying those unique characteristics.

In addition, the team says behavioral biometric features cannot be lost, copied, stolen, or faked, ensuring a high degree of protection.

"The scientific novelty of our project is that for the first time we applied the technology for data analysis, machine learning, and artificial neural networks to provide continuous authentication of mobile device users according to their behavioral biometric characteristics," says National Research Nuclear University's Konstantin Kogos.

From National Research Nuclear University
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