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Real-Time Captcha Technique Improves Biometric Authentication

By Georgia Tech News Center

February 26, 2018

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Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) have developed the Real-Time Captcha, a new login authentication approach designed to enhance the security of current biometric methods that rely on video or images of users' faces.

The Real-Time Captcha's users must look into their mobile phone's camera while answering a question chosen at random that appears within an onscreen Captcha, and which must be provided in a limited period of time that is too fast for artificial intelligence or machine-learning programs to respond.

"We are making the challenge harder by sending users unpredictable requests and limiting the response time to rule out machine interaction," says Georgia Tech's Erkam Uzun.

Tests determined people could respond to the challenges in one second or less, while the best machines required between six and 10 seconds to decrypt the question from the Captcha and respond with a counterfeit video and audio.

From Georgia Tech News Center
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