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A First for Quantum Physics: Electron Orbitals Manipulated in Diamonds

By Cornell Chronicle (NY)

April 26, 2018

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Cornell University researchers have demonstrated a technique for engineering optical properties of defects in diamonds, potentially providing a method of storing information that could be used in a quantum computing system.

The researchers say they are first to use a resonator's vibrations to help stabilize those optical properties.

One of the challenges of transferring the quantum state of an electron spin into a photon of light is stabilizing it and making it function as intended, says Cornell professor Greg Fuchs.

To send vibrational waves through the diamond defect, the researchers developed a gigahertz-frequency mechanical resonator from a single-crystal diamond. Next they sent sound waves vibrating at about 1 gigahertz through the defect, aiming to use the sound to change the defect's optical transitions.

The team then scanned the diamond's nitrogen-vacancy center and discovered an emitted photon, proving that the electrons had reached an excited state.

From Cornell Chronicle (NY)
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