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Stretchable Smart Sensor a Promising Alternative to Painful Blood Tests


April 30, 2018

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Researchers working on the European Union-funded Collaborative Network for Training in Electronic Skin Technology (CONTEST) project have developed a flexible, wireless sensor worn on the skin that monitors the pH of the wearer's sweat in real time.

The wearable pH sensor can stretch and flex to fit the contours of users' bodies, making it more comfortable than conventional non-invasive wearable systems.

The sensor is a 1-sq.-cm. stretchable wireless system equipped with a pH sensing electrode made from a graphite-polyurethane composite.

The sensor, using a pair of serpentine-shaped interconnecting pieces, can stretch up to 53% in length and still perform well.

Tests have also shown the new device can withstand being stretched 30% up to 500 times.

The sensor also is fast, providing sweat pH levels within eight seconds.

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