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Meet REM­S, the Robot That Discovered $17 Billion in Sunken Treasure

By ZDNet

May 31, 2018

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An autonomous underwater vehicle from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) located $17 billion in sunken treasure two years ago.

The Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS (REMUS) 6000 submersible can function at depths of up to 3.73 miles, navigating via accelerometers and gyros and using multiple sonar pulses to determine altitude and avoid obstacles. Operators on the surface control REMUS by transmitting commands and receiving updates as short sound pulses.

In 2016, the Columbian military use the REMUS 6000 to locate the long-lost wreck of the San Jose, a treasure-laden 18th century Spanish galleon, off the coast of Colombia.

Said WHOI's Mike Purcell, "The REMUS 6000 was the ideal tool for the job, since it's capable of conducting long-duration missions over wide areas."

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