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Implanting Diamonds With Flaws to Provide Key Technology for Quantum Communications

By Princeton ­niversity

July 9, 2018

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Princeton University researchers have successfully stored and transmitted quantum bits (qubits) using a diamond in which two carbon atoms had been replaced with one silicon atom.

Princeton's Nathalie de Leon said the diamonds could function as quantum repeaters for qubit-based networks.

Her team built electrically neutral silicon vacancies within the crystal lattice of the diamond, with research partner Element Six laying down carbon atom layers to create the crystal and then adding boron atoms.

The team implanted silicon ions within the diamond, and heated it to eliminate other impurities that could also contribute charges.

The neutral silicon vacancy can transmit quantum information via photons and store quantum data via electrons.

The next stage will be constructing an interface between the vacancy and the photonic circuits to bring the photons from the network into and out of the vacancy, known as a color center.

From Princeton University
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