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Researchers Pioneer New Software Systems Development Concept

By Bournemouth ­niversity (­nited Kingdom)

March 25, 2009

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Software researchers Cornelius Ncube from Bournemouth University and Patricia Oberndorf from the Software Engineering Institute are touting a new method for developing software systems. The approach is similar to the way participants in the TV shows "Junkyard Wars" and "Scrapheap Challenge" work with only scrap material, the appropriate tools for integrating the pieces, and their own imagination.

In a research paper, Ncube and Oberndorf call for the use of currently available software and effective engineering in pursuing innovative solutions. "It proposes a radical approach to software systems development in which the major emphasis is on smart engineering, creativity, innovation, and the most imaginative ways of gluing together seemingly unrelated software pieces to provide interoperable and maintainable systems that meet users' needs," Ncube says.

From Bournemouth University (United Kingdom)
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