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An AI Lie Detector Will Interrogate Travelers at Some E­ Borders

By New Scientist

November 2, 2018

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An artificial intelligence (AI)-based lie detector system will be used on international travelers after they have passed through border control, during a six-month pilot program at four border crossings in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece.

The Web-based tool is designed to make crossing into the European Union quicker and safer, while identifying likely lawbreakers when entering a country.

During the interview stage of iBorderCtrl, the system asks questions via a virtual border guard on a laptop or mobile device; as the traveler provides answers, the device's camera films the user's face. AI software then analyzes the video and examines 38 micro-gestures to identify patterns that could indicate lying, such as slight eyelid movements.

In a test of the system on 30 people (half were told to lie, the other half to tell the truth), the software was able to identify liars with around 76% accuracy. One of the system’s developers, Keeley Crockett of Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K., said, “We’re quite confident of bringing it up to the 85% level.”

From New Scientist
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