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Machine Learning, Meet Quantum Computing

By Technology Review

November 27, 2018

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Researchers at the University of Pavia in Italy have constructed the world's first single-layer neural network—a perceptron—deployed on a quantum computer, and induced it to perform simple image processing tasks.

The researchers used IBM's Q-5 Tenerife superconducting quantum processor, which can process five quantum bits (qubits) and be programmed over the Web by whomever writes a quantum algorithm.

The team's algorithm takes a classical vector, like an image, as an input, combines it with a quantum weighting vector, and then generates a 0 or 1 output.

The researchers demonstrated that the Tenerife processor can handle input of N=2, and said the quantum perceptron was useful "as an elementary nonlinear classifier of simple patterns."

Planned future tasks for the quantum perceptron include encoding the equivalent of gray-scale images, and combining quantum perceptrons into multilayered networks.

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