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The Speediest Quantum Operation Yet

By ­NSW Sydney Newsroom

July 22, 2019

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Researchers at the ­niversity of New South Wales in Australia built the first two-qubit gate between atomic qubits in silicon, a significant breakthrough in the effort to build an atom-scale quantum computer.

A two-qubit gate is an essential piece of any quantum computer, and this version is the fastest ever demonstrated in silicon, completing an operation in 0.8 nanoseconds, about 200 times faster than other spin-based two-qubit gates.

The researchers were able to build the two-qubit gate by placing two atom-scale qubits closer together than ever before, then observing and measuring their spin states.

This approach to quantum computing requires the placement of individual qubits in silicon, as well as the associated circuitry to initialize, control, and read the qubits at nanoscale.

From ­NSW Sydney Newsroom
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