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Walmart, Mattel Lease 'Floors' in a Virtual Toy Store

By The Wall Street Journal

October 18, 2019

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Toy company Mattel and retailer Walmart are testing interactive videos to market and sell merchandise by "leasing floors" in a virtual store so visitors can browse items in choose-your-own-adventure formats.

Walmart's Toy Lab lets users examine, test, and watch children play with 40 toys, and Mattel has a "grownups only" floor where parents can view children's wish lists and purchase products via Walmart.com.

The interactive KidHQ virtual store was built by startup Eko and developed with Walmart funding.

Said Eko's Ivy Sheibar, "When you have meaningful choice on platforms with superior tech, you will see the engagement, the completion rates, the click-through rates that get people to sit up and take notice."

Aggregated anonymized data on purchases made through KidHQ, and information about how visitors interact with different items, is provided to marketers.

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