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Python Is More Popular Than Ever

By Wired

March 4, 2020

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Python is one of the world's most popular programming languages. In fact, it's more so than ever. Python climbed from third place to tie for second in the latest ranking of programming language popularity published by the analyst firm RedMonk. It's the first time that a language other than JavaScript, which remains number one in the firm's ratings, or Java, the other runner-up, has entered the top two since RedMonk started compiling its rankings in 2012.

That milestone is all the more significant given a sometimes rocky transition from the second version of Python, which the language's developers stopped supporting this year, to the third version.

RedMonk usually doesn't make much of small rankings changes, cofounder Stephen O'Grady writes in the report, but it's rare to see any sort of movement in the top tier of programming languages, which consists of well-established languages. JavaScript is the primary way developers run code inside web browsers and is also increasingly used for other purposes, ranging from mobile and desktop app development to programming drones. Java, meanwhile, is the standard language for writing Android apps and is a corporate software development mainstay.


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