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Coronavirus Highlights Strengths of Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles


March 19, 2020

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When cities are on lockdown and quarantines keep people from going out to do absolutely anything, it quickly makes for a tough situation. Yet, despite the awful consequences of the coronavirus, one Chinese company is showing how technology can make a difference.

Neolix, a self-driving delivery vehicle startup, has been working overtime to usher more of its autonomous delivery vans onto empty Chinese roads amid quarantines. According to a Bloomberg report last week, Chinese companies have booked orders for 200 of the tiny robotic vehicles, including online megaretailers Alibaba and JD.com. Before the coronavirus outbreak in China, Neolix had just 125 orders since last May.

The autonomous vans have played a pivotal role in some parts of China, delivering medical supplies to areas hit hardest by the virus outbreak. They've even supplemented labor shortages as the country continues to black out some businesses from operating. Disinfecting the streets? Neolix handles that too, and it'll deliver food to health workers on the front lines working with those who've fallen ill.

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