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Ransomware vs WFH: How Remote Working is Making Cyberattacks Easier to Pull Off

By ZDNet

October 27, 2020

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The unique conditions of 2020 mean businesses are more reliant on being digitally connected than ever before. Cyber criminals know this, which is why ransomware attacks have become even more pervasive – and effective during the course of this year.

Hackers are breaking into networks of organizations ranging from tech companies to local governments and almost every other sector; encrypting servers, services and files with ransomware before demanding a bitcoin ransom that can be measured in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Part of the reason for the upswing in successful ransomware attacks is the huge growth of remote working as a result of the pandemic.

While employees and their PCs were once safely behind the office firewall, now they're trying perched at a makeshift workstation in their kitchen or bedrooms, using all manner of cobbled-together technologies to get the job done.


From ZDNet
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