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'Extremely Aggressive' Internet Censorship Spreads in the World's Democracies

By University of Michigan News

November 18, 2020

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University of Michigan (U-M) researchers used an automated censorship tracking system to demonstrate that online censorship is proliferating in even the freest countries.

The U-M team's Censored Planet tool collected more than 21 billion measurements over 20 months from 221 nations, and found Internet censorship growing in 10 countries, including unexpected places like Norway, Japan, Italy, India, Israel, and Poland.

U-M's Ram Sundara Raman said in many cases, legislation compelling Internet service providers to block clearly objectionable material, like child pornography, sets the groundwork for more aggressive policies—and this means censorship measurement is essential.

The U-M team said these findings highlight the effectiveness of Censored Planet's approach, which converts public Internet servers into automated sentries that track and report when access to websites is being inhibited.

From University of Michigan News
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From University of Michigan News

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