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President Biden’s Tech To-Do List

January 21, 2021

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President Biden is inheriting tricky tech questions including how to rein in powerful digital superstars, what to do about Chinese technology and how to bring more Americans online.

Here's a glimpse at opportunities and challenges in technology policy for the new Biden administration:

Restraining tech powers: Under the Trump administration, there were investigations, lawsuits, and noisy squabbles over the power of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and other tech companies. Tech giants can expect more of the same under Mr. Biden and a Congress narrowly controlled by Democrats.

Government lawsuits that accused Google and Facebook of breaking the law to become successful or stay that way will be handed off to the new administration, which is expected to continue them. More lawsuits could come, too, possibly making it harder for Big Tech to continue as is.

On Tuesday, a top Justice Department lawyer appointed by former President Donald Trump agreed with many of the prescriptions from congressional Democrats who said America's top four tech superpowers are harmful monopolies. The speech showed that hating Big Tech is one of the few areas of bipartisan agreement.


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