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Microsoft Claims Breakthrough in Quantum Computing with Gooseberry Chip and Cryo-computing Core

By Computing (U.K.)

January 28, 2021

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A joint team of researchers from Microsoft and the University of Sydney have announced a novel breakthrough in the field of quantum computing that allows control of thousands of qubits at very low temperatures.

The company says it has developed a cryogenic quantum control platform that uses specialised CMOS circuits to take digital inputs and generate many parallel qubit control signals. This control platform is powered by a new quantum control chip called Gooseberry, which sits next to the quantum device and resolves many issues with I/O common to quantum computers.

The researchers also claim that they have created the first general-purpose cryo-compute core, which performs the necessary computations to determine the instructions sent to Gooseberry chip which, in turn, feeds voltage pulses to the qubits.


From Computing (U.K.)

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