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Tech Chiefs Get Creative to Cure Employee Burnout

By The Wall Street Journal

April 23, 2021

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As the persistent pandemic makes a combination of in-office and remote work the norm, technology chiefs are identifying signs of isolation, anxiety and fatigue among their staff. Alleviating those feelings is now part of a tech chief's role as a corporate leader, they say.

Chief information officers, in true techie fashion, are using an array of tools to monitor time on company devices, make video meetings less depleting and automatically kick off celebrations for work well done.

"We see burnout on the horizon. If nothing changes, that's where we're likely to go," said Dianne Lapierre, CIO of cybersecurity firm Absolute Software Corp. The company employs about 550 people, many of whom are technologists working remotely. Some have been putting in long hours and feeling overwhelmed, she said.

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