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Want Your Nails Done? Let a Robot Do It.

By The New York Times

June 3, 2021

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Omri Moran was on time for a first date, but the young woman, inexplicably, was late. She finally arrived, but skirted the question of her tardiness, saying "Never mind, you wouldn't get it," Mr. Moran recalled.

Not easily deterred, Mr. Moran, then the head of a geo-tracking start-up, persisted and discovered the reason: His date had ruined, and unsuccessfully tried to remedy, the new manicure she had gotten in anticipation of their meeting.

At the time of the date in 2016, he in fact didn't get it, but the moment also provided an epiphany of sorts. "I'm one of those people when they see things that are bad, I just start thinking of solutions," Mr. Moran said. "And I just wondered why it couldn't be automated. And that's kind of how we got rolling."

From The New York Times
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