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Rates of Anxiety, Depression Among College Students Continue to Soar, App-Based Research Shows

By The Washington Post

June 11, 2021

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A four-year study by Dartmouth College researchers uncovered higher rates of anxiety and depression among college students since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, accompanied by less sleep and greater phone usage.

Dartmouth's Andrew Campbell co-developed the StudentLife app, which records data on the user’s location, phone use, sleep duration, and sedentary habits.

The researchers tracked 217 students who began as freshmen in 2017, and Campbell said depression and anxiety rates have skyrocketed since the pandemic started, with no sign of decelerating.

Dartmouth’s Dante Mack said, “Interest in covid fatigue is a unique tool that allows us to understand how the ‘new normal’ may be associated with poor mental health outcomes.”

From The Washington Post
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